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Choosing a cooktop

There are various types of cooktops: gas, electric glass ceramic or induction glass ceramic

If you opt for a gas cooktop, you can choose between stainless steel, painted or glass surfaces, depending on the kitchen.

Below are some useful information and tips on consumption, costs and advantages of the different cooktop versions. 

Induction cooktops

Induction cooktops give the best results. 

Three reasons for choosing an induction cooktop:

1) Maximum efficiency: the heat is produced directly on the bottom of the pots, without dispersion, due to an electromagnetic field. This optimises consumption and avoids wastage. 

2) Extremely quick: induction heats the bottom of the pot directly and reduces cooking times. It takes just 3 minutes to boil 1 litre of water. 

3) Easy to clean: the cooktop remains cold and any liquid falling on it does not burn or crystallise. 

The price of an induction cooktop is also comparable to a design cooktop. 

It uses electricity, not gas, so if you have a 3kW meter, you need to choose an induction cooktop with a limiter. You also need to take care when using several appliances at the same time, such as the oven, hair dryer, washing machine, etc.

Gas cooktops

If you are still uncomfortable with an induction cooktop, you can choose a gas cooktop with direct flame burners. The flame on these new burners comes out of a large number of micro-holes. Rather than licking the sides of the pot, the flame goes directly onto the bottom, with shorter cooking times and a 20% reduction in energy consumption.

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