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Choosing kitchen appliances

Which are the best kitchen appliances to choose for a classic kitchen?

You can choose classic or country-style kitchen appliances for a traditional kitchen, but steel could also be the right solution for a more modern touch. 

If you choose steel, take care with the handles and knobs on the kitchen cooktop: avoid combining steel appliances with glamorous, contemporary and minimalist-style handles. Rather opt for large and solid handles, with a simple, almost professional style.

The kitchen sink should be made of synthetic material or steel: soft and rounded lines combine best with classic kitchens, with "above-top" combinations, i.e. raised above the work surface, but also "under- top" versions.

Which are the best kitchen appliances to choose for modern kitchens?

If you fancy modern kitchens and prefer recessed appliances with a more contemporary style, you can choose a steel oven or one with white or black glass, to match with the kitchen colour. 

You can combine the kitchen cooktop with the oven or even with the work surface, if the oven is not immediately underneath the cooktop, but further away, in a tall unit for example. Also in this case, take care in choosing the handles: if you choose the option with no handles (grooves), you can combine this solution with an oven with a glass handle or no handle, to add uniformity to the composition. You can also enhance linearity by choosing an induction kitchen cooktop with touch controls instead of knobs.

Kitchen sinks may be made of steel or synthetic materials. Consequently, you can choose bolder square and minimalist shapes, or an "under-top" sink, with an attractive and trendy design, or even one with ultra-thin edges which creates the same effect but costs less (it can also be installed on laminate work surfaces).


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