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Fridge: which one should you buy?

Choosing a fridge

Start by deciding whether you want an integrated or so-called free-standing fridge. They differ in both appearance and capacity.Most integrated fridges used to have a lower capacity compared to free-standing fridges, but things have changed: integrated fridges now have greater capacity, since they are higher and exploit the space inside the tall unit better.

Freezers under the fridge are always more spacious than those above it.

Technical characteristics and new conservation technologies.

Bear in mind that the fridge is the only household appliance that always remains switched on, therefore check its electricity consumption and energy class. Consumption of a Class A+++ fridge has dropped to the equivalent of an old light bulb.

It has also been discovered that food that is properly conserved lasts much longer. The new technologies improve conservation of fresh food such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

Some fridges, for example, release 03 active oxygen molecules, the same molecule that is naturally released in large quantities after a thunderstorm and cleans and refreshes the air. This ensures food as fresh as the first day for up to 9 days, with 90% less bacteria and 70% less unpleasant odours.

Other fridges guarantee better food conservation through electronic control of humidity, which must be between 65% and 90%, otherwise the food dries out and shrivels more rapidly. The dry air from the freezer also cools the fridge cabinet. 

Some fridges also have two separate systems for cooling the fridge and the freezer. The fridge is therefore not directly connected to the freezer and each has optimum humidity. Defrosting the freezer will no longer be the nightmare it once was.

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