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The Febal Casa creative workshop for the latest talents in Italian Design


Febal Lab is a creative workshop established in 2011 to promote experimentation and new ideas in original design. A youthful, dynamic and above all mould-breaking project. A project with which Febal intends to send a strong message to Italy as a whole: in a society resistant to change and reluctant to invest in the future, Febal has created an ideas workshop to support smart, brilliant, innovative ideas and put them into practice.

“Febal has always been oriented towards innovation and exclusive product design,” states Colombini Group CEO Emanuel Colombini, “and the Febal Lab project confirms this. We have a strong belief in the ability of product research and innovation to again come up with a functional kitchen that simplifies life for all those who use it and who are in search of quality for their homes.”

A workshop founded and created to respond to changes in living-space needs, a new way of perceiving and living in the kitchen, completely different from the traditional meaning we normally give it. The answer to this need is provided by Febal Lab, a container of ideas dedicated to the talented future stars of Italian design. This is not just an exercise in style; it is a real opportunity for a young designer to see his ideas put into practice.


Alicante, by Matteo Beraldi, is the first model to spring from Febal Lab

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