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Febal Casa by Giugiaro Architettura

Febal Casa chooses Giugiaro Architettura to create a complete innovative living design, a furnishing solution devised to give your home stylistic consistency, personality and quality typical of Italian design products.

The vision of a standard product combined with formal research resulting in exclusive aesthetics, a concept that has guided the two realities towards the conscious development of this design proposal. There is the movable and free-standing bookcase wall, that also sits alone in the centre of the room, the modular Sofà Set and the functional design Coffee Tables: the essence of each developed element is to characterise the space it occupies, radiating its own nature and enhancing the surrounding environment.

The shapes and finishes proposed are the inevitable result of the combining of experience gained from both over decades of activity: on the one side the contemporary dimension of living of Febal Casa in which the spaces rediscover the balance between form and matter, and on the other the design approach and the highly developed and thorough analysis of every single detail that characterises the work of Giugiaro.

The collection, with its eclectic and elegant play of volumes, is characterised by essential and rigorous shapes, fine workmanship and cross-cutting materials and finishes, combining the entire innovation of research into forms and the most contemporary and trendy lifestyles with traditional craftsmanship that combines functionality and practicality with the taste of the warm and homely atmospheres of the past.

“This new project is the perfect synthesis of the ambition that has always guided Febal Casa and Giugiaro Architettura in developing a design that is as iconic as it is durable, able to withstand the test of time and to communicate with an ever-changing environment. – states Emanuel Colombini, of the similarly named Group.

“Style for us is a mix of hedonism, functionality, form and innovation. – comments Fabrizio Giugiaro - In each area, the combination of these features allows us to create durable and iconic objects. All of this is today only possible thanks to great synergies, such as the Febal Casa-branded one".
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