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Febal Casa in India with Premium Interior

Febal Casa is pushing itself more and more eastwards and launches its first exclusive Premium Interior showroom in Bangalore, India. The partner of this project is Home Studio Pvt.

The new store dedicates almost 250 square meters to the exhibition of Febal Casa furniture, in particular the Premium Interior collection which is the real crown jewel of the brand and also a symbol of the home feeling concept of which Febal Casa is a spokesperson.
Composed of day and night solutions, the collection answers the ever more present demand for eclectic and elegant furnishing, with essential and rigorous beauty, fine craftsmanship, transverse materials and finishes, and innovative technical details.

This special inauguration event was attended by renowned architects, interior designers and prominent professionals in the industry. An exemplary moment to emphasize once again the importance of this union between nations, cultures, people and design.
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