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Restyling System 19

In three words: conviviality, functionality and personality. These are the aspects that best summarize the restyling of Ice and Sand, two top models of the System 19 range. The attentive restyling was aimed to create a youthful space, full of character and with an unmistakable personality, where everything can be combined with everything, producing an infinite number of design possibilities thanks to the wide range of colors and the new innovative elements and finishes. The result of this new redesign has given rise to a conceptually fluid furnishing system, designed to fit the daily needs, offering harmonious furnishing solutions that can satisfy even the most demanding. The restyling has also given way to the new colour trends and has introduced enhanced wood effect melamine, an enrichment of the matt lacquers and glossy mono-lacquers palette. The new finishes are stylistically integrated with the Febal Casa Day program, guaranteeing continuity in its volumes and materials and allowing great design freedom. There are so many novelties, such as the Crystal glass leg for peninsulas, the thick Monos blocks, new laminated worktops in Rovere Country and Botticino Camoscio, updated groove finishes and the Metrica, Lima and Report handles. The biggest novelty of the Febal Casa range is however the introduction of the innovative P.E.T. doors: a material belonging to the Polymeric family, a new entry in the furniture world because of its ecological and performing aspects.

Ice is essentially a modular system and for this it is perfect both in small spaces and in large open-space areas where the kitchen and living room complement each other. Its compositional elements can be structured to focus on functionality by optimizing every available inch, but also to create more unusual solutions in every area of the living room. For this purpose different types of wall units, base units, columns with customizable terminal elements and accessories such as the handles must match each other, as if creating a tailored suit.

Within the Sand compositions, the result of the absence of handle is an essential look with great potential: the groove opening system is, in fact, customizable in standard finishes and can be used to create a unique graphic effect. Starting with the essential lines, all the elements that characterize Sand's modularity can be combined to create more or less dimensional furnishings, which optimize spaces by matching the aesthetics and the practical needs of each home.
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