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Febal Sofas: what’s new in 2017

A Febal Casa sofa is a "place", an area in the home that welcomes and protects you thanks to the shapes and materials designed that ensure a true relaxation and wellness experience. There are 5 new models that are now expanding and enriching the Febal Sofas collection: Scena, Pensiero, Plateale, Invito and Spettacolo.

Scena is a decorative model of great personality, destined to transfer energy. The aesthetics of the materials and shapes are complemented by the extremely sophisticated design solutions, such as the metal feet that counteract and enhance the softness of the lining materials, the adjustable sliding terminal element, and the armrest, which now becomes a table.

With Pensiero, the sophisticated choice of materials, the refined design of the shapes and the tailor-made attention to detail make elegance a focal point. Comfort is fundamental and is enhanced by the chaise longue and the six-position head rest mechanism.

Designed for a living space that aims to be much more than a home environment, Spettacolo is exactly what its name says: versatile, eclectic, plural and surprising. The depth of the seats follows the many shapes and colors that design this elegant piece found in the living area: a combination of beautiful design, quality materials and comfortable solutions.

Plateale has a clear stylistic mind set: the sophisticated design, the use of fine materials, the combination of shapes and colors that swing between classicism and transgression make it a piece of furniture full of intense vitality. Sliding seats, adjustable headrests, wide cushions to curl up with, these all design the soft lines that extend throughout the living space starting from the wave of the armrest.

The geometric line that defines the shape of Invito indicates a persistent quest for precision. A goal that is contaminated by contemporary design with a creative intake and elegant inventive for comfort. The rigidity and linearity of the profiles, highlighted by the strategically positioned seams, is accompanied by a game of modular positioning that renovates the pleasure for posture.

The sofa is definitely the protagonist of the living area, but also the armchairs contribute in distinguishing the room. A variety of styles and upholsteries allow numerous combinations, from the most harmonious to the most daring. Below are our latest proposals:

ASSOLO: Sobriety and precision found in the shape and in the overall profile give the Assolo armchair an impression of intense elegance. In the succession of the lines, one feels a sense of softness that visually anticipates the tactile experience of a seat, conceived for maximum comfort.

COMPAGNIA: A thought-out elegance, expressed through a simple design, makes the Compagnia armchair an element that can enrich every living space while enclosing sophistication and versatility.

SILENZIO: Everyone should have a personal retreat inside their own walls, a private place to hide and find calmness and peace. Silenzio is precisely this place, in the form of a chaise longue that accompanies and welcomes the forms of the body, as if in a hug.
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