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Romantica: timeless, without boundaries

The Romantica kitchen is a reinvented classic that knows how to keep up with the times.
The design is born with in mind a refined combination of the values of the past and the present, in order to conquer the lovers of classic without being too traditional, through the use of materials, finishes and colors that express personality.
The project imagines a new and versatile lifestyle: rich but not excessive, elegant but discreet, iconic and also not ordinary. What is created are kitchens designed for homes all over the world, which represent through a new furnishing model an authentic inspiration, both timeless and without boundaries.

Romantic is also suitable for lovers of aristocratic classic furnishings, of an uncompromising style.
The collection proposes the Romantica Decor door and a series of highly distinguishing elements and accessories. The finish presented in this décor is the gold detail found on the Burro matt-lacquered door combined with the Allegra handle with gold-tinted crystals.

The composition uses all the available elements to create more sophisticated structures: such as the dining area enclosed by the glass cabinets, the washing area or the island.
Every detail is crucial, this is why with Romantica it is easy to create something unique.

The distinctive geometric element of the new Romantica is the curve that can characterize floors and terminal elements.
An example of what you can create by combining all the available elements of the system are wall and base units, display cabinets and open elements that can also be used to build an integrated living corner. By choosing markedly classic components you can combine the most modern finishes to achieve a highly refined and original result. By creating the kitchen’s structure with the use of traditional-styled elements and embellishing it with a modern finish, for example Jungle melamine, it is possible to obtain a fine and original result.

Today’s classic is synonymous with intimate, romantic, vintage.
A mix of influences that lend furniture a very important role: to determine the home’s atmosphere.
Romantica revisits its collection to inspire all those who are looking for a kitchen that is more than a piece of furniture.
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