DICIOTTO / 06 system

DICIOTTO composition with top in matt lacquered Grigio città. The melamine-faced Eucalipto argento of the base units is
also featured in the back panels of the Dice wall unit in matt lacquered Grigio città.
The top is characterised by the textured feel of the Odeon top in melamine-faced Cemento masdar with plexiglass support.
The Dice wall unit is featured with fumé transparent glass shelves that increase its storage capacity.
A soft light positioned between the rear and front back panel add character to this wall unit.


Febal Casa Sistemi Giorno Diciotto composizione tipo 064 065

Floor-standing base units:

melamine-faced Eucalipto argento


matt lacquered Grigio città

Odeon element:

Cemento masdar with plexiglass support

Wall units:

matt lacquered Grigio città

River wall unit:

matt lacquered Grigio antracite

Dice wall unit:

matt lacquered Grigio città carcase and door, back panels in melamine-faced
Eucalipto argento


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