When the cleanness of the geometric lines merges with the practicality of the door handle, this is the spirit of ARIA, an elegant and essential model.Sophisticated finishes that allow maximum customization: solid color matt lacquered doors, glossy and melamine-coated single-sided doors find the right combinations with the decorative wood effect and material effect. A concept of aesthetics that finds its personality in the handle, thus becoming the protagonist of your kitchen space.


Your Total Look Kitchen

Find out how to combine the furnishing solutions of the GIORNO. collection designed to be integrated into kitchen spaces: Library TRENTA in Noce Gold is an example of the Febal Casa Total Look.

Design without Limits

Creating a Living room area in the kitchen is possible thanks to the innumerable solutions that the modular system of the model offers.

The Elegance of Glass

The TECNO smoked glass door with the handle grip concealed in the frame is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to create eye-catching storage areas.

Style Consistency is a Value

We have created a dishwasher door with a fake central handle, to avoid breaking up the aesthetic look defined by the base units with big drawers and maintain the same style and your practical choices.

Make your Mark with the Details

GROOVE open elements: not only functional and practical, but also customizable with the finishes available for the model.

Customisation makes Itself at Home

The statement feature of the model is the handle, available in 4 different finishes to satisfy any style requirement.



visone opaco

stone grey

verde cinabro 3

rosso carminio 3



nero intenso 3

grigio oxford 3

grigio titanio

grigio dorian

grigio fango 3

grigio citta 3

frassino bianco puro


cemento masdar 3

cappuccino 3

blu petrolio


avorio 3

bianco opaco



aloe 3


noce gold


rovere gesso 2

cemento artico 2

royal oak

fusion 2

Standard aluminum frame in finish:



alluminio satinato

stopsol telaio nero

vetro grigio fume 3


bianco opaco


grigio antracite


alluminio satinato




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