CLASS The result of re-elaborating the past to contemplate the future is reflected in this range with a decidedly classic feel, featuring a sophisticated touch of industrial chic. In CLASS, the framed door embellished by exclusive workmanship along the borders reconciles a markedly traditional style with a modern international flair, reiterated by the option for either groove or handle opening mechanisms. The different combinations of door finishes and accessories highlight the important role played by matter: a unique, evocative, aesthetic, but above all personal interpretation.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Class in legno 72 73


A Colour-coordinated Range

The elegance of the Metal Skin lacquers is also applied to the peninsula support for a coordinated and coherent project.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Class penisola metal skin 34 35

The Elegance of Glass

A traditional element like the framed door in ash wood is completed by the screen-printed glass, adding a touch of light and transparency to the composition.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Class vetro serigrafato 80

Metal Skin, an Artisan Lacquer Finish

The artisan look adds value: the lacquering process of Metal skin finishes involves manual workmanship to recreate the effect of worn metal.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Class laccatura metal skin 2 6

Classic Shapes, Modern Spirit

A blend of styles which create a unique and timeless model.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Class penisola in gres 77

Make your Mark with the Details

The open units are in a wood veneer with Metal Skin lacquered insert coordinated with the groove and door.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Class legno con iserto metal skin 26 27

An Elegant Handle-free Opening System

Configure your handle-free opening system with two top-quality Metal Skin lacquered finishes.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Class apertura senza maniglia1 28



Matt or open pore painting

Frassino tabacco

frassino bianco puro

spatolato bianco

spatolato grigio

Matt / Glossy Monolacquered / Glossy Lacquered

bianco puro

bianco neve

Beige verdastro



Giallo zafferano



rosso carminio


rosso vino



Violetto pastello

Blu Mediterraneo

Blu Acciaio

Verde cinabro

grigio seta




marrone scuro

nero intenso

Grigio Asfalto

grigio platino

Grigio città

peltro stagno

ottone antico

*Registered Trademark

Fenix bianco Alaska

Fenix bianco Malè

Fenix beige Luxor

Fenix castoro ottawa

Fenix zinco doha

Fenix bronzo doha

Fenix grigio londra

Fenix nero ingo

frassino bianco puro

Frassino tabacco


grigio texture

alluminio satinato*

alluminio LUCIDO


alluminio BRONZO*

alluminio antracite



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