With ICE, the kitchen is transformed into a spacious, practical area, designed to flow seamlessly into the Living space. So, this area of the home becomes a sociable place, as well as a functional one thanks to a furnishing system, designed to flow seamlessly and adapt to daily life, the number of people living in the house and its architectural style. The range has been revamped and enhanced with accessories, new finishes and elements to integrate with the Febal Casa GIORNO. system. The range is characterised by comfort and functionality, an inseparable combination to live your daily life to the full.


Design without Limits

The DAILY lacquered open units are one of the creative possibilities of the model.

Making the Most of Spaces

The MONOS extra-thick block injects a strong geometric statement into the work areas, making them more accessible.

Make your Mark with the Details

The CLOUD open unit carries the aesthetic look over to the rest of the composition, for a coherent and elegant furnishing style. Find out how to customise it.

The Elegance of Glass

The elegant and refined CRYSTAL glass support is available both in peninsula and table heights.

Technology and Energy Saving

The interior of the wall-mounted glass units can be configured with LED lighting, featuring a remote control to dim the lighting and switch it off.



bianco opaco

corda opaco

frassino diamante bianco

olmo madreperla

olmo tabacco

jungle Sugar

jungle Natural

jungle Grey

noce zinco

noce sabbia

noce ombra

eucalipto ambra

eucalipto argento

spatolato bianco

spatolato calcestruzzo

spatolato grigio

Bianco neve lucido

bianco neve opaco

visone lux

grigio seta opaco

grigio città opaco

grigio fango opaco

bianco puro

bianco neve

avorio chiaro

giallo miele

giallo zafferano


Rosso pomodoro

rosso carminio



blu petrolio


blu mediterraneo

azzurro scuba

verde cinabro

zucchero pastello

té pastello

crema pastello

pompelmo pastello


grigio londra

grigio seta

Grigio città

grigio platino

grigio fango

Caffè lux

marrone scuro

nero intenso

nero opaco


vetro garage

alluminio bronzo

stopsol telaio nero


grigio texture


alluminio satinato

alluminio lucido



alluminio antracite



Other compositions


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