KALEIDOS a kitchen that expresses the concept of living with openness and flexibility, offering aluminum structures anchored to the wall or ceiling. Each door made with an aluminum frame welcomes the different finishes and materials of the colored glass fronts, integral laminate and stoneware surfaces.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Kaleidos nera con sportelli vetro 042 043


Limitless Design

Aluminum, the protagonist of this model with the JOIN poles, a system developed in different configurations, on the wall, in the center of the room, with shelves or with storage compartments such as wall units and suspended base units.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Kaleidos scaffale in alluminio 15

Innovative Materials

Innovation and elegance thanks to Neolith a sintered stone that is part of a revolutionary product category that meets the most recent planning and Design needs.

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Personalization is at Home

In addition to being able to choose the finish of the aluminum frame and the possibility of configuring the wall unit with internal lighting, the DUSK glass wall units offer the possibility to customize the back panels in four finishes: Fossil Wood, Cemento Masdar, Calacatta and Stone Gray.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Kaleidos versione marmo bianco 055b

Stand out in the Details

The Geometric Bronze showcase with its Design characterizes the door and allows interesting scenographic games with the internal LED lighting.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Kaleidos vetrina bronzo geometric 52 1

The Home Grown Vegetable Garden

KGR stands for Kitchen Garden Revolution, a project conceived for the cultivation of indoor plants, integrated with the JOIN pole system. KGR is equipped with trays for soil growing and LED lighting with lamps designed specifically for the growth of small fruits and vegetables.

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The Elegance of Glass

The back-varnished 4mm thick glass door, a precious and eco-sustainable material for the furniture.

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marrone kerlite

vetro nero lucido

vetro nero satinato

grigio ombra

vetro grigio ombra satinato

bianco artico

bianco artico semitrasparente

grigio chiaro cemento

Vetro Blu Lucido

Vetro Blu Opaco

Vetro BIANCO Lucido

Vetro BIANCO opaco

Pietra di luna silk

olmo scuro

Calacatta silk

Calatorao silk

vetro tortora safari lucido

tortora safari satinato

Zaha stone silk


vetro geometric telaio nero

Vetro Grigio Fume

Vetro Garage Telaio Nero


grigio texture

grigio acciaio

nero intenso





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