VOLUMIA: a new dynamic kitchen system, one that is timeless and original; a new way of relating to a space that is fundamental for quality of life in kitchens today. Ample storage space thanks to the base units measuring 84 cm in height, plus attractive, clean-lined doors with a handle grip obtained through a special processing of materials, the refined look of the material thanks to the use of a cement effect, are all blended together in a perfect synthesis of design, ergonomics and functionality. This is the appeal of a kitchen created with the VOLUMIA model. It is the appeal of a furnishing style featuring sensations, style, passion and rationality; a sense of pleasure that goes beyond conventional models and is reflected in a kitchen that finally expresses our personal style.

febal casa volumia gola


Design Without Limits

The wall-mounted base units and Living elements evoke an All in One furnishing style, perfect for spaces which call for extreme modularity in the layout.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Volumia basi sospese 53

Organisation and Space Saving

The accessorised tall units can be transformed into a structural, multi-purpose element with a double face to separate two areas.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Volumia colonne forno dividi ambienti 34 35

Make your Mark with the Details

The system also reveals the great care taken over the details on the inside: the inner shelves feature an aluminium trim.

febal casa volumia accessori

Customisation Makes itself at Home

TED open units with or without a small lacquered drawer? Customising is important and fun too.

71 Volumia

Statement Features

The VOLUMIA model features a signature door with a handle-free opening system that defines the look of more modern lines.

Febal Casa cucina moderna Volumia modulo senza maniglia 30

Ergonomics and Functionality

OVERSIZE means providing more space for objects and ideas in the kitchen: by raising the height of the worktops an extra shelf can be added to the base units and tall units.

febal casa volumia 3


Glossy Lacquered / Matt Lacquered

olmo prado natural

olmo prado medium

jungle cemento


bianco puro

bianco neve


Beige verdastro


Giallo zafferano


rosso carminio


Blu Mediterraneo

Blu Acciaio

verde cinabro

grigio seta




marrone scuro

nero intenso

Grigio Asfalto

grigio platino

Grigio città

peltro stagno

ottone antico

*Registered Trademark

Fenix zinco doha

Fenix bronzo doha

grigio londra

Fenix nero ingo

Fenix bianco Alaska

Fenix bianco Malè

Fenix beige Luxor

Fenix castoro ottawa


grigio texture

alluminio satinato*


alluminio antracite

Other compositions

febal casa volumia


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