In the quest for balance which is showcased by graceful elegance, the juxtaposition of classic materials with modern elements, through the use of metal feet, in this case, available in four different colours, makes PENSIERO versatile, so that it fits into any environment and enhances it.

Febal Casa Divano Pensiero in camoscio 44 45




Seat cushions in polyurethane
with a density of 35 Kg/m³ and memory foam with a density of 50 Kg/m³.
Headrest mechanism with 6 positions.

Removable Covers

Seat cushions, armrests and backrests
always with removable covers
Structure always with removable covers except for versions in leather.


The entire structure is in plywood.


Avatar 2911 Camoscio
Acciaio satinato
Olimpia 0401

Poltrona Terminale SX

Poltrona Terminale DX

Poltrona Max Centrale

Divano 3 Posti

Divano 3 Posti 2 Spalliere

Divano 3 Posti 2 Spalliere SX

Divano 3 Posti 2 Spalliere DX

Divano 2 Posti

Divano 2 Posti SX

Divano 2 Posti Max

Divano 2 Posti Max SX

Divano 2 Posti Max DX

Divano 2 Posti DX

Chaise Longue SX

Chaise Longue DX


Other compositions

Febal Casa Divano Pensiero in camoscio 44 45



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