A solution that can be either tailored or artisan, one that translates into elements with a high concentration of style, showcased by the meticulous attention to detail, even the least obvious. The element of softness prevails, accentuated by the outline of the seats and the pattern of the stitching.

Febal Casa Divano Spettacolo pelle grigia 70 71


Dimensioni 2


The backrest and seat cushions are in
goose down with a polyurethane insert.

Removable Covers

The seat cushions, lumbar cushions and headrest
always have removable covers; the structure only
in the versions not in leather and faux leather.


All the elements can be ordered with any cover and in any colour. The backrests are available in 2 widths. Click-on backrest which can be easily positioned anywhere on the perimeter.


The frame for the backrest support is
in metal.


Pelle Gold 540 Slate Grey
Pelle Gold 539 Pearl Grey
Antares 0600 Zinc
Mithos 0701 Acciaio
Antares 0002 Iron
Pelle Gold 542 notte
Acciaio satinato protetto

Supporto Spalliera ‘B’

Supporto Spalliera ‘A’

Supporto Braccio ‘B’

Supporto Braccio ‘A’

Cuscino Spalliera ‘B’

Cuscino Spalliera ‘A’

Cuscino Bracciolo ‘B’

Cuscino Bracciolo ‘A’

Base S 5

Base S 4

Base S 3

Base S 2

Base S 1

Base M 8

Base M 7

Base M 5

Base M 4

Base M 3

Base M 2

Base M 1

Base L 7

Base L 5

Base L 4

Base L 2

Base L 1

Other compositions


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