Spettacolo 03 Sofa

A furnishing item becomes a resource for the home and the people who live there when it serves more than one purpose; when it provides an opportunity for comfort and relaxation not limited to a single moment. The play on colours, which can be combined in different layouts, enhances this experience.

Febal Casa Divano Spettacolo tessuto chiaro 76 77


Dimensioni 3


The backrest and seat cushions are in
goose down with a polyurethane insert.

Removable covers

The seat cushions, lumbar cushions and headrest
always have removable covers; the structure only
in the versions not in leather and faux leather.


– All the elements can be ordered
with any cover and in any colour,
– The backrests are available in
2 widths,
– Click-on backrest which can be easily
positioned anywhere on the perimeter.


The frame for the backrest support is
in metal.


Antares 0404 Sac
West “0600” Platino
Olmo Dark
Acciaio satinato protetto

Supporto Spalliera ‘B’

Supporto Spalliera ‘A’

Supporto Braccio ‘B’

Supporto Braccio ‘A’

Cuscino Spalliera ‘B’

Cuscino Spalliera ‘A’

Cuscino Bracciolo ‘B’

Cuscino Bracciolo ‘A’

Base S 5

Base S 4

Base S 3

Base S 2

Base S 1

Base M 8

Base M 7

Base M 5

Base M 4

Base M 3

Base M 2

Base M 1

Base L 7

Base L 5

Base L 4

Base L 2

Base L 1

Other compositions

Febal Casa Divano Spettacolo tessuto chiaro 76 77

Spettacolo 03 Sofa


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