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Suffice it to open the front door to be embraced by the warm atmosphere of an inviting living area; hence the choice of soft, spacious and enveloping forms when designing the various elements of this collection. Modular compositions in terms of size, with the possibility for personalisation in a broad range of fabrics and leathers.

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When will the units be assembled?

You will decide the date and time for delivery and assembly. After purchase, you can arrange with the retailer the details for fitting according to your needs.

How does Febal Easy10 customer care work and for how long?

Within 30 days of purchasing your Febal Casa design kitchen, you'll need to activate customer care by calling Freefone 800 281300. This guarantees you customer care service for 10 years: 2 years according to law and a further 8 years.

What do I do if I need after-sales customer care?

If the product does not come up to expectations, please contact the retailer, who will be happy to find the best solution together with you. The product may be replaced if it does not conform due to production-related defects or malfunctions.

Who should I contact for the warranty on the appliances?

Service under warranty is provided by the manufacturer of the appliances. In the event of any malfunctions with appliances, you need to contact the manufacturer directly according to the instructions in the product warranty.

What is included in Febal Easy10 customer care?

• Repair work in the field of carpentry, electricity and plumbing;
• right to call 24 hours a day.
Febal Casa offers you the choice between two different payment solutions.

Arrange with your retailer which payment method is best suited to your needs. Furthermore, you can have peace of mind and choose to purchase with a zero-interest loan, when this is on offer. Febal Casa will pay the interest for you. Contact your local dealer for details.

Who takes the measurements to ensure correct assembly of the units?

The measurements will usually be taken by the same person who prepared the quote. Since this is rather a delicate operation, in some cases the retailer may delegate this task to a specially-appointed expert who will take all the room measurements before fitting. The appointed person will measure up as soon as possible - right away, if you like, so you do not lose any time!

When will my new Febal kitchen arrive?

The products will arrive to your door usually within 30 working days from the receipt of the order; in some cases (e.g. for manufacturing lacquered items), it may take up to 50 working days.

Who will be responsible for delivery and assembly of my units?

Febal Casa has always made sure that its authorised retailers use only qualified and experienced personnel. So, no need to worry: your new home is in good hands! The assemblers are employees of the furniture store or in some cases independent teams of fitters selected for their reliability and experience. They will treat your new kitchen design furniture with the care and attention you expect. In this way, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can contact your retailer, who will be happy to assist you throughout the fitting process to make sure everything runs smoothly.

How is assembly performed?

The furniture store will provide the personnel for the assembly (usually 2 or 3 fitters) together with the final layout plans of your Febal environment, whether it is a kitchen, living room or bedroom. In this way, they will know exactly what you decided together with the retailer.

How long does assembly take?

Fitting kitchens usually takes between half a day to a full day’s work, depending on the size. Assembling other furniture takes a variable amount of time according to the items you have chosen.

Do the assemblers also deal with connections to the electricity and water systems?

No. The assemblers do not deal with electrical or plumbing work, such as connecting the gas to your hob or the power supply to your dishwasher. In such cases you need to call independent experts, qualified to perform and certify this kind of work.