17 new mono-brand store inaugurations between May and October 2022


Febal Casa is strengthening its presence across the market: indeed, between May and October 2022, the brand inaugurated 17 new mono-brand stores in Italy and abroad.

A new store spanning 520 m2 was opened in Aosta in Valle d’Aosta, at Loc. Grand Chemin, 224.

Three openings took place in Lombardy: at no.3, Via Pascoli in Milan, in Villasanta, in the province of Monza, at no. 27, Via G. Matteotti and in Porto Mantovano, in the province of Mantua, at no. 2, Via Cesare Pavese. The three stores range in size from 150 to 350 square metres.

In Trento, in Trentino Alto Adige, a 360 square-metre store opened at no. 12, Via della Malvasia.

A mono-brand store with a surface area of 390 square metres opened its doors in Zanè, in the province of Vicenza in Veneto, at no. 26, Via Alessandro Manzoni, in the “Centro Manzoni” shopping centre a few kilometres from Thiene.

The Emilia-Romagna region celebrated the inauguration of four new stores: one spanning 500 square metres at no. 184, Via di Corticella in Corticella in the province of Bologna. One boasts a surface area of 245 square metres, at no. 150, Via Roma in Vigolzone in the province of Piacenza, one 250 square-metre store was inaugurated at no. 277, Viale Bologna in Forlì and the last one spans 245 square metres and is located in Modena at no. 952, Via Emilia Ovest.

Two new mono-brand stores have opened in Tuscany: one in Florence at no. 130, Via Baracca with a surface area of 500 square metres and the other in Empoli at no.29, Via Gramsci, in the province of Florence, with a display space of 250 square metres.

One store was inaugurated in Campania in Casavatore, in the province of Naples, at no. 135, Via Circumvallazione Esterna, boasting 200 square metres of display space and a new 200 m2 store was opened in Lazio in Cassino, in the province of Frosinone, at nos. 45/47, Viale Ivanoe Bonomi.

In Puglia, a 200 square-metre store was opened at no. 5, Via Forli in Altamura, in the province of Bari.

A new store spanning a whopping 400 square metres was opened in Alcamo, in the province of Trapani in Sicily, at no. 188, Via S. Gaetano.

Last but by no means least, a further store spanning about 360 square metres was inaugurated abroad, in Rastatt, Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

The layout of all the new Febal Casa stores, which offer an extensive range of Total Living solutions, embraces the brand’s idea of home and contemporary living. It is designed to enhance the appeal of the various collections on display while providing customers with a unique shopping experience. In each store, customers can benefit from a high-quality consulting and design planning service, browse through comprehensive samples and choose from the various customised furniture solutions on offer.