The laundry room is the room in the house that requires a close eye, not only from the point of aesthetically, but also from a practical point of view. Washing, as well as ironing, are daily actions That require time and space. That is why it is important to think carefully about how to organize the area and make it pleasant. Laundry room furniture depends on what surface area you have to disposition and, therefore, by the place where you realize it. Whether it is an entire room, hallway, stairwell, corridor, or bathroom, we offer Space-saving modular solutions that fit every need and architecture. Utility cabinets for the laundry area, in addition to being customizable thanks to the wide palette of solid colors, are also available in textured finishes and wood essences such as Eucalyptus, Natural Walnut, White Oak and many others so as to satisfy every type of style and give life to environments that wink at aesthetics.

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