Kitchen tables

In the collective imagination, the beating heart of a home is the kitchen, more specifically, the dining table. Around the table every day we share stories and anecdotes and discuss the events of the day. This is why it is essential to carefully select the kitchen and dining table that is perfect for your home and for the memories you want to build on it.

Kitchen Tables

At Febal Casa our goal is to offer a wide variety of kitchen and dining tables that can satisfy multiple parameters of choice, such as aesthetic taste and practicality of use, to guarantee a functional and modern. A kitchen table for every style and space requirement In Febal Casa we offer a wide selection of kitchen tables that adapt to the style, size and characteristics of the environment in which they will be placed. Modern kitchen tables Those who prefer a minimal furnishing style with Scandinavian inspiration can opt for tables and kitchen chairs with essential lines and evergreen colors such as white, cream, gray and black. Extendable kitchen tables Among the most popular solutions are the extendable kitchen tables which combine comfort and design: this type of table is ideal for those he doesn’t want a solution that takes up excessive space, but prefers to adjust it according to the occasions of use. The modern extendable dining tables are made with materials such as wood, glass, metal, to offer a design complement that stands out for the richness and multiplicity of the mixed elements. Round dining tablesAnother timeless product that retains great charm and adapts perfectly to smaller environments is the round kitchen table which, thanks to the absence of edges, it guarantees a greater capacity and establishes itself as the perfect space for conversation.