Choosing the household appliances for the kitchen

Watch the video with tips by Stefania, our Febal Casa household appliance expert!


If you love modern kitchens and are looking for built-in appliances with a contemporary style, you can choose between a steel or white or black glass oven, to match the colour of your kitchen.

Which appliances best suit a modern kitchen?

The cooking hob can be matched with the oven or worktop: it is often matched with the worktop if the oven is not immediately underneath it, but installed further away, in a tall unit, for example. Here again, pay attention to the handles: if you choose the latest groove opening system without a handle, you can combine it with an oven with a glass handle or without a handle, to give continuity to the composition. You can then accentuate this linearity by choosing an induction hob without knobs, with touch controls.

The sinks can be in steel or synthetic materials; in this case you can be bold and choose a more square and minimalist shape; or an “under the top” sink, with an attractive and on-trend design, or even sinks with ultra-thin edges that simulate the same effect, but at a lower price (they can also be installed on laminate worktops).


Which appliances should you choose for a classic kitchen?

For a traditional kitchen, you can choose classic or country style appliances, but even steel is a possible solution to give a more contemporary touch.

If you choose steel, pay attention to the oven handle and the knobs on the cooking hob: avoid combining steel appliances with modern handles with a chic and minimalist design, it is better to opt for large, solid knobs, with a clean, almost professional look.

The sink can be in synthetic material or steel: with less accentuated and more rounded outlines, which fits in better with classic kitchens, with “counter top” installations, so that it is raised above the worktop, although “under top” installations are also possible.