Here's how to decorate with a round extendable table

The table plays an important role in the home and is often one of the first pieces of furniture to invest in. With such an importance, it makes sense to devote a little extra attention to the purchase of this object which must have the right dimensions, allow the accommodation of the right number of chairs and the passage around.
For this reason, in addition to choosing a table that suits individual style , individual rooms and that is built in a functional way, it is a good idea to choose one that offers flexibility in the number of seats. The good news is that a round extendable table is especially useful when you need more seats at the table.

Extendable tables: what they are

Extendable tables look and function like regular tables, but with a hidden secret: extra sections of the top that allow you to extend their length to accommodate more guests or expand your work surface, as needed.

Although the concept of taking a smaller table and making it bigger has remained the same for years, today you can choose different types of tables with very interesting modern features. To fit a table into the decor in the best way, however, you need to choose a top of the right size.

Choose the right size table

To make sure your new table fits comfortably into the space, you need to take some measurements and do a couple of simple calculations. First, measure the length and width of the area where you want to place the table. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least one meter of space on all sides, therefore, subtract two meters from the length and width measurements to get the maximum size.

Once the measurements have been taken, you can start looking for extendable tables that fall within the maximum dimensions when fully extended. The ARIEL table by Febal Casa is an excellent solution, suitable for various types of kitchen.

It is sometimes possible to exceed the maximum dimensions if the floor plan allows (for example, by occasionally extending the dining room table in the kitchen or living room) or in case other furniture can be temporarily moved to make space.

If space is at a premium, look for trestle or pedestal tables that maximize legroom, and consider an oval or round table that's easier to move around.

On average, each seat at the table requires about fifty centimeters of space , so to get as many seats as possible, it's best to choose smaller, armless chairs, which take up less space.

How to furnish an extendable round table

The round-shaped extendable table is a versatile piece of furniture, capable of adapting to the different needs of space and style. Its lines, in fact, have the advantage of creating a welcoming and convivial atmosphere, facilitating conversation between diners.

There are several models of extendable round tables , which differ in material, design, size and extension system. Among the most used materials are wood, glass, marble and metal, which can be combined with each other.

The design can be classic or modern , depending on the lines and details. The extension system has various shapes: butterfly, book, telescopic or with central extensions. Or, as in the case of the PERSEO of Febal Casa, it can have a central revolving plane.

The important thing is that the style of the table fits harmoniously with the context, with the surrounding furnishings, or alternatively that it manages to create an interesting contrast.


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