Three new projects signed Febal Casa in Arizona

Explore the uncompromising elegance in the evocative landscapes of Arizona with Febal Casa through three distinctive projects. In Paradise Valley , next to Phoenix, immerse yourself in a luxury retreat where every space, from the kitchen to the bathrooms, embodies timeless design. In the Biltmore area of Phoenix, the kitchen becomes a perfect combination of design and functionality, while in the Heritage Heights – Phoenix project the best of class, living and much more is celebrated. In every corner of these homes, Febal Casa stands out for style, quality, and innovation, transforming each home into a unique and distinctive reflection of your lifestyle.

Discover the touch of elegance and authentic style with Febal Casa among the beautiful lands of Arizona.
Together with our Scottsdale partner ATELIER 507, we present you three incredible home projects furnished with our exclusive brand:

1. Paradise Valley, Phoenix: An oasis of residential elegance
Immerse yourself in the beauty of the residential area of Paradise Valley, Phoenix, where we have transformed a home into a luxury retreat. The kitchen becomes the beating heart, a mix of functionality and impeccable design. Pantries designed to satisfy every need, bathrooms that define elegance, spacious and welcoming living rooms, wardrobes that combine organization and aesthetics, and a laundry room designed to make every day-life extraordinary.

Paradise Valley, Phoenix

2. Biltmore Area, Phoenix – The perfect blend of design and functionality
In Phoenix, in this beautiful Biltmore area home, we focused our attention on the kitchen. An environment where modern design meets maximum functionality, offering a space that goes way beyond the mere preparation of meals. Every detail is designed to meet the needs of those who love combining style and practicality.

Biltmore Area, Phoenix

3. Heritage Heights – Phoenix: Best in Class, Living and more
In our second residence in Phoenix,  we raised the bar. The kitchen is a symphony of class and functionality, the living room is a welcoming and sophisticated space, the laundry room is designed to simplify daily life, the elegant bathrooms, and the wardrobes are real organizational jewels.

Heritage Heights – Phoenix

In every corner of these homes, the Febal Casa brand is the spokesperson for style, quality and innovation. Each project is a hymn to the art of furnishing, where beauty blends with practicality.


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