Classic or modern double bedrooms

The bedroom is the most intimate place in the house, perfect for enjoying a bit of relaxation and rest. For this reason it is important to furnish this environment paying particular attention to detail and creating an atmosphere that reflects you in every nuance. The Febal Casa proposals for complete double bedrooms are full of inspiration. They offer design solutions but also more classic, timeless compositions. The materials and colors are also proposed in different combinations, from energetic contrasts to more delicate combinations. Our concept of double bedrooms combines quality materials, resistant over time, with a trendy design . Each furnishing accessory, such as the bed, the bedside tables and the wardrobe, is designed to create an environment that is aesthetically appealing and durable. With Febal Casa you have the possibility to choose between different types of materials and finishes and there are many construction configurations that can adapt to the spaces available. In addition to offering different options of designer and modern bedrooms, in which each element fully expresses the character of the house, it is possible choose more classic double rooms, enhanced by valuable elements that combine comfort, functionality and aesthetics. If you want to transform your sleeping area into a unique environment, with Febal Casa you have numerous proposals available designed to make a double bedroom an elegant and welcoming refuge, in which each person can find their ideal size. Discover our proposals below and find the inspiration you are looking for: your dream bedroom is waiting for you.