Furnishing small kitchens and space with not much light


Making the most of the spaces in the kitchen is very important and modular kitchens offer different solutions so you do not have to forego practicality and comfort.

When furnishing small spaces, the role of the designer can be vital. Depending on the type of use you make of the kitchen, he or she can help you choose between many space-saving solutions

If you like inviting guests to dinner, but your home does not allow for a table large enough to accommodate all your friends, you could, for example, opt for a foldaway table, which will give you extra places when you need them. 

If you do not have a classic closet where you can store your cleaning items, you could choose a kitchen with a storage cupboard instead, so everything is tidy, but easily accessible.

When designing the kitchen, try to leave enough space so you can move around easily because working in a narrow space is dangerous, as well as being uncomfortable.

If you dream is to have a kitchen with a peninsula or a central island, but you don’t have enough space, there are some tricks which will let you find a suitable compromise, such as installing a snack bar for mini breaks, where you can read your emails or lay on a mini aperitif, while partitioning off the kitchen from the living room.

Pull-out tall units are both function and aesthetically appealing.Until recently, when designing the kitchen, there were lots of unused spaces, even measuring just a few centimetres that were filled in with panels. Now, however, you can exploit them with pull-out tall units that can create a useful storage space for cans and jars or brooms and cleaning materials, in just 15 cm.

Even corners, which normally cannot be accessed, can be turned into practical and functional corner units with pull-out shelves, which make it easier to access awkward areas.

If the space available is dimly lit

For small and dark rooms, the main colour is definitely white, which brightens and reflects the light. Some people are afraid it looks boring, but in actual fact, it should not be discounted because it offers a variety of possibilities for customisation. You can, in fact, choose warm or cool shades, woods with different veins, smooth surfaces with matt or glossy lacquer, and many other solutions, by combining them in the worktop.

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